The Green Machine H2O for drive by dousing

As a kid I was always tagging along with my slightly younger brother. That typically meant that I didn't play with Barbies much, I had a big wheel and massive squirt guns as well as a few toy cars and some Ninja Turtles action figures. The best was always the squirt guns, although eventually it ended with one of us just making a break for it and grabbing the hose.

However, no hose would be needed if I had a big wheel with a built in squirt gun that shot twenty feet. Yes that's right, someone threw a water tank on the back of a big wheel and made it shoot 20 ft. Now as an adult there is not a chance in hell I'd buy this for my own future children (likely any child of mine would be constantly doing drive by soakings). Keeping that in mind, when my brother's daughter hits the right age I am definitely headed to Amazon to buy one.

The big wheel has firing controls on the joystick and even more cool, real rubber tires. No more spinning wheels waiting for the plastic to catch. On second thought, I want one of these for me. It does have a weight limit of 150lbs meaning I wouldn't break it or anything. The fact that my knees would be at my ears is besides the point. The Green Machine H2O is being sold for $100.

[via dvice]