The Greatest 17 Seconds You'll Ever Star Wars in the Snow

I was really pumped up to find this particular video posted right up at the top of the official Star Wars blog (and yes, I am the only fellow on our whole crew who has such a feed in my reader,) right up there at the top, was a post called Minnesota Trench Run. I live in Minnesota, and this winter has been miraculously snowy, so it was a fabulously warm and fuzzy moment finding this clip. One guy, Mike Nelson, filmed the clip, and another guy, FX artist Aaron Dabelow added the X-Wing.

Its stuff like this, Star Wars, that makes it alright for you to still be around selling action figures after 30+ years. Take a peek at this video and see how you like it – the X-Wing, added post-filming, is recreating the "trench run" through the recently shoveled path of snow in front of Mike Nelson's house – his house, the Death Star, is destroyed at the end. Spoiler!

[Via Star Wars Blog]