The Grabit Pack -For Active Gadget Lovers

If you have the tendency to need to carry around too many things for your pockets to support, this Grabit Pack might help. From the looks of it, it's just a manly spin to the classic fanny pack. Giving you that rugged outdoors man feel.

The guy in the picture makes the pack seem to be the pinnacle of all that is masculine. However, the second picture on the seller's site is a bit different. Even if the bag wasn't necessary for day to day life, it might be useful for conventions and concerts. The bag features a pocket for your cellphone, wallet and a pocket for change, keys and other miscellaneous things.

The great thing is the pack can be ordered to fit according to whether you want to wear it on your right side or your left side. Currently the packs are only available for lefties (because they are just that cool). The pack is being sold for $23 a piece. Be sure to specify which side you want though, or you may end up with the wrong pack.

Grabit Pack – Another Alternative To Overstuffed Pockets [via ohgizmo]