The Golden Disk - May contain trace elements of gold

I like my gadgets to look nice. I've got a good-looking case, my keyboard glows and my dual monitors look sexy. However, I do draw the line somewhere. I'm pretty sure that a golden external hard drive is pretty far over the line.

I don't really know what possessed someone to make this Golden Disk, but it was crafted by world-renowned designer Ora-Ïto for LaCie. It is made with a "small percentage" of real gold and is supposed to give a look of liquid motion.

Looks aside, there's really nothing special about this drive. Unlike most products that are made by world-renowned designers, the price isn't outrageous. I can certainly find plenty of 500GB external drives for less than $189, but it's really not that bad.

LaCie Golden Disk designer external hard drive [via pocketlint]