The Ghost Finder Camera

If you're looking for a bit of Halloween fun and a few pranks along the way, horribly juvenile ones of course. You'll likely need a few new props to start the season off, you might give this Ghost Finder Camera a whirl.

I tend to get more choked up about Halloween than I do about Christmas. This means anything and everything Halloween catches my eye. The camera is a cute little toy that will add spooky ghosts to every photo. I'm having a hard time comprehending how such a device works though. Apparently you have to wind it after every photo. Strange I know, who winds their camera?! I have devices that do that for me thank you.

To have a bit of fun with a few of your more gullible friends the 35mm disposable camera will only cost you $9.98 a piece.

Ghost Finder Camera: All Of The Fraud Without All Of The Work [via nerdapproved]