The Gator Xbox 360 mod might eat your Wii

Everyone enjoys a different look for their Xbox 360, from simple to overly complex, from sweet and pink to the slightly less cuddly, alligators. Now, I tend to enjoy both ends of the spectrum, zombies and evil dolls as well as all the girly stuff that comes my way. However, alligators just seem a bit bland.

Couldn't he have gone for Godzilla or a zombie alligator? Something with a bit more punch in the name. Either way, even if the thing he rendered it after isn't quite as cool, the look of the console itself is.

It was made by dfwmonkie, he used bondo to hand-sculpt the scaly skin. He also used a clear coat over top of that to give it the wet glossy look.

[via hawtymcbloggy]