The Future Of Blockbuster Plan On The Move

Mark Cuban mentioned the future of movie rental business is having larger storage media and movies purchase at local electronic chain store or freight, forget about disc. Look like Blockbuster is doing it, Jim Keyes, the CEO of Blockbuster announced at CES 2008 about their plan to become entertainment convenience store by having an electronic downloadable kiosks at brick and mortar stores front. Media will be selling via flash device instead, at least that's what they are working on it. But there's more to the future of Blockbuster.

I sneaked out to return the '3:10 to Yuma' (brilliant 7.1 uncompressed audio by the way) at local Blockbuster during my lunch hour and walked to roomful of Blockbuster executive stuffs with drawing and pencil. I was being nosy, overhead their conversation about moving shelves and flat screen display. So I asked one of Blu-ray lover what was that about with more than 10 designers doing inside the store.

He said, we are lucky to be one of the twelve stores in USA to get the makeover. It starts in Dallas area as this is where the headquarter at. They will be the prototype of the future Blockbuster. Movie remains the core business and part of the space will be renovated for new business model. They will be selling electronic devices like Ipod, Flat screen TV, game consoles, and entertainment center. Each prototype (store) will focus on one area like Media is selling Home Theater accessories, display..etc. There are more categories like kids, Game, Lounge like convenient store selling drink, coffee etc. Jim Keyes wasn't kidding about becoming a entertainment convenience store.

Blockbuster has lost significant amount of market share in recent years, they need to expand more just a movie renting business. Looks like they are going in with a new direction, the Movielink for online downloading and selling more than just movies in stores.

Photo Credit : abcnews