'The Force in a Jar' is a drink for your inner Jedi

You've got the costumes, the trinkets, the faux lightsabers and carefully framed movie posters. What's left for the discerning Star Wars fan to enjoy? A drink of dubious quality, and by drink we mean a bizarre bottle that pretends to be a drink but really isn't. The item recently surfaced at Kohl's, where it has already sold out. According to the label, the bottle is "filled with 100% authentic Jedi Force."

Kohl's pulled the page once it sold out its stock, so it isn't clear whether the jar can actually hold a liquid (it doesn't appear to ship with any). By the looks of things, it's more of a novelty decoration that is mildly interactive — press the lid, and a hologram-like Yoda will glow in the middle.

The folks at Bleeding Cool managed to get ahold of one of the bottles and gave us a close up look at the labels. Who doesn't enjoy a thumbs-up from Yoda? He guarantees you'll be satisfied regardless of the serving size. That is, unless you're something other than a luminous being.

The entire thing is crazy, of course, one of the most bizarre creations we've seen so far to capitalize on the Star Wars craze. It makes no sense. It's not functional, mostly. And it doesn't appear related to The Force Awakens. Still, there's a glowing Yoda, so we can't complain too much. Price, assuming it comes back in stock, is $16 USD.

VIA: Gizmodo, Bleeding Cool