The Force Awakens will be screened on the ISS

If you're an astronaut, there's a good chance that you grew up watching sci-fi movies. You probably dreamed of soaring through the stars on the bridge of the Enterprise, or in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. So what happens when you actually shoot off into space two days before the next Star Wars movie comes out?

There are few places on Earth where you can expect to have a copy of The Force Awakens delivered to you, for your own private viewing pleasure. Of course the crew of the International Space Station isn't on Earth. And since they won't be coming back down any time soon, it appears that they'll be treated to their own special screening of the film.

According to a tweet by astronaut Tim Peake, they have a projector, and a copy of the movie was to be waiting for him once he arrived at the ISS. As we all know, he arrived just yesterday, and won't be coming back home for another six months.

If anyone deserves a private screening of the most-anticipated science fiction movie in years, it's the guys that are actually up in space, turning fiction into reality. One can only hope that they're kind enough to not send down any spoilers, should they watch it ahead of the movie's release here on Earth. Though if I do accidentally read any spoilers, it would be fitting if they did come from someone out in space.