The Force Awakens VFX reel shows surprising use of real props

JC Torres - Jan 15, 2016, 1:30am CST
The Force Awakens VFX reel shows surprising use of real props

These days, almost everyone expects “movie magic” to involve some computer generated images, especially in action films and most especially in science fiction action films. Naturally, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is one such movie and, indeed, the film is filled with CG shots. 2,100 out of 2,500 shots in total, to be precise. But while this VFX clip does show the extent that CG was used in the film, it also reveals at the extent it was not used, expertly weaving real world, physical props and sets when possible and only falling back to baked graphics when necessary.

Of course, such a combination is not unusual but for a space opera film like Star Wars that is produced today, you’d almost expect everything was SG. Or at least real world structures which are then superimposed with CG. But apparently, JJ Abrams and ILM are of the opinion that viewers aren’t so gullible and they can tell the difference between real and virtual.

A burning ship, a rundown settlement, and even a hangar. You’d expect props and sets like these to be mainly CG, and yet TFA has used an actually burning ship, or what’s left of it rather, show on location, in the desert. And even in shots where there should be a lot of CG in place, you’ll notice how few green screens there are.

Possible spoilers ahead, so watch the VFX reel at your own risk. The original video was apparently taken down so be on your toes in case this one vanishes too.

VIA: Engadget

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