The FOKI Will Clean the Floor While You Walk

Evan Selleck - Nov 22, 2010, 12:59pm CST
The FOKI Will Clean the Floor While You Walk

While you’re walking around your home, or maybe even in a restaurant or retail location, you sometimes notice that a spot on the floor may be sticky, or have a spill on it that you wish you could clean up, right then and there. But sometimes getting something to clean it isn’t all that easy, so what if your shoes could clean it? That’s where the FOKI come in.

The FOKI floor cleaner shoes are a concept design from designer Adika Titut Triyugo. They are designed to feature a pair of rotary cleaners on the bottom of each shoe, which rotate to clean the floor, and kill bacteria. You just charge them up during the night, and then throughout the day you should have enough power to get through some spot-cleaning here and there. There’s an LED indicator on the side of the shoes, which will tell you how much power is left.

No word on when, or if, this design concept could ever see the light of day, but considering how many people hate sweeping, and are always looking for new ways to make cleaning easier, there’s a chance that these FOKI shoes could see the light of day.

[via Yanko Design]

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