The first ever Giant Robot Duel is as epic as it sounds

After two years of preparation, tons of metal, and undoubtedly no small amount of money, the world was treated to its first ever fight between two giant robots. Forget clashing Roombas, this is full on MechWarrior-esque battle. Well, almost. Hopes and spirits were high when Japan's Suido bashi and US' MegaBots finally met in the arena and while the results were pretty impressive, it'll probably be a while before it becomes the next Robot Wars reality show.

Let's tame expectations first. While the fact that there was even a giant robot duel, with humans inside these giant monsters of destruction, is in itself something for the history books, it's far from being the Giant Robot Fight of imagination and fiction. Given the current level of technology, the risks, and the costs involved, what you get are really giant versions of DIY robot Frankensteins. Or at least the MegaBots' robots do look that way. Suidobashi, naturally, didn't waste the opportunity to flaunt the design tastes of the country that brought Gundam to the world.

MegaBots issued the challenge more than two years ago, which Suidobashi bravely accepted. That left them enough time to modify their robots and their strategies. Two matches were arranged and MegaBots made two robots, one for each match. Suidobashi, however, chose to stick to just one.

The first match was like a welterweight round. Suidobashi's KURATAS used its speed and turned MegaBots Iron Glory's lighter weight against it. One punch was enough to knock it down.

But if that seemed too anti-climactic for a world's first, then the second heavyweight round probably does it more justice.

This time, KURATAS didn't have the advantage of speed nor weight against the hulking Eagle Prime. Suidobashi tried to use smart tactics, but that just wasn't enough against the raw power, not to mention a rock-crushing chainsaw, of MegaBots' real champ.

So is it time for the world to enjoy giant robot battles? Hardly. But it's still good fun, but only if you're just watching from YouTube.