The first Capt. America: Civil War trailer is finally here

Another Marvel superhero film once uttered what is probably now the most overused and cliché aphorism about power and responsibility. Though it might have been a different cinematic universe, that idea will once again be put under the microscope in the third Captain America film, "Civil War". Now the first full trailer for the film is finally out, we basically get to see where the line is drawn and who stands where. Well, almost. It seems almost too clear cut to be the whole truth, meaning we do expect some plot twists along the way.

In the comic book world, the Civil War revolved around the Superhuman Registration Act that wanted to put a curb on the almost limitless "vigilantism" performed by people we call superheroes. In the cinematic version, it is the Sokovia incident in the recent Avengers film that triggered a similar reaction. Different names and circumstances, same idea.

It is interesting, however, that somehow Bucky, who has apparently regained his memories, is right at the center of this as well. From the trailer, it appears as if ol' Cap is just trying to prevent his friend from being captured and probably executed on the spot, at expense of turning against his other friends. Appearances can be, of course, deceiving, as we've seen in almost all of the recent MCU films.

A few things worth noting in the trailer. This is practically the first time T'Challa, better known as the Black Panther, makes a formal appearance, not surprising considering the role his country played in Ultron's plans. Equally interesting is who is not there. Like Ant-Man, whose presence was all but implied in his standalone movie. The Vision is also missing. But then again, this isn't a full Avengers film after all.

Captain America, with his friends and now enemies, will hit the big screen May 6 next year.