The first 2022 Acura NSX Type S sold at auction last weekend

It has become very common for automakers to offer the rights to purchase the very first of certain vehicle models at auction for charity. That is exactly what happened over the weekend when Acura offered the very first production NSX Type S at its auction in Monterey. The vehicle ended up selling for $1 million.The purchase landed the buyer, reportedly Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports fame, the very first production version of the first NSX Type S sold outside of Japan. Acura will only make 350 of the cars for the global market. Out of that number, 300 vehicles will come to the US.

That means there are now only 299 cars available for other collectors to try and purchase. While the vehicle in the image here is painted in the available Gotham Gray Matte Metallic paint color, that won't necessarily be the color of the first production car. Hendrick will get to choose his color and the options desired.

$1 million is a premium over the MSRP for the car. A base NSX Type S sells for $169,500. An available Lightweight Package pushes that price to $182,500. That means Hendrick definitely paid a massive premium, but he gets the first production model and proceeds from the auction benefit charity.

The specific charity benefiting from this auction is the Center of Science and Industry, which supports science, technology, engineering, art, and math for youth education around the country. This is far from the first vehicle that Rick Hendrick has purchased at auction. He has a long history of spending significant sums to purchase vehicles like this NSX that benefit charity. In 2016, he bought the first 2017 NSX for $1.2 million at a similar charity auction.