The Exploding Piggy Bank

If you're one that has a hard time saving those pennies this little bomb might help you out a bit. The bank isn't just in the shape of a time bomb, it is one, and if you don't pay up it explodes.

You have to put money into the bomb every single day, otherwise, it will begin to vibrate, flash its lights and make noise once an hour until you drop in a coin or two. If you don't pay in time though, the whole thing explodes sending all your coins everywhere. Although I think this plan is slightly flawed, mostly because if the thing blew I'd keep the money out and spend it. I do, however, think it's a cute product, especially for the younger ones.

The bomb isn't released yet but should be around the beginning of the new year. The bank will be sold for slightly less than $27.

exploding piggy bank sends coins flying [via technabob]