'The Expanse' Season 4 trailer teases Amazon premiere

In 2015, Syfy released the first season for The Expanse, a science fiction series praised by viewers and critics alike. Despite the high ratings, Syfy announced that the show's third season would be the last, the reason reportedly having to do with cost and Syfy's limited rights. Amazon swooped in save the day and now it is finally back with a trailer for its original fourth season of the show.

The Expanse is set hundreds of years in the future during which it tells the stories of the solar system colonized by humans. Mars operates as an independent military power and sits on the brink of war with Earth, amid it all being the story of a ship captain and an investigation into the case of a missing woman.

During its time on Syfy, The Expanse was called the best science fiction show on television. In May, Deadline claimed the show had ultimately been dropped due to the restrictive first-run linear rights Syfy was given, restricting it from streaming. Amazon was quick to pick up the show and add its 'original' designation.

The move from Syfy to Amazon Prime Video is arguably a good thing for consumers who have largely transitioned from watching live television broadcasts to streaming content when it's convenient. Because the show is now considered an Amazon original, all Prime subscribers will have free access to the show.

According to The Verge, Amazon's fourth season of the show will be based on the fourth installment in the science fiction book series upon which the adaption is based. Amazon has released a short trailer teasing the show ahead of its December 13 premiere on Amazon Prime Video.