The Empire Strikes Back Uncut features hundreds of fan clips

If you think carefully, you will likely remember the fantastic crowdsourced rendition of Star Wars: A New Hope that was published back in early 2012. The video recreated the movie using clips from tons of fans, all of them unique in their own way and all of them stitched together into a final product by Casey Pugh. The video was immensely popular, and spawned a push to recreate the next movie in the series — something that is finally finished after a lot of work and available for all to enjoy.Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut is the official title, and as with the last one it is a full rendition of the movie recreated from clips from fans. The clips span the gamut when it comes to style — you've got everything from kids acting out their favorite part to stop motion animation.

Unlike the last version, this one was published on the official Star Wars YouTube account, which announced at the same time that Star Wars Fan Film Awards will be coming back. Fans will be able to vote for their favorite films this coming March, with awards being awarded in April in Anaheim.

The latest version of the movie is made from over 480 crowdsourced clips, each of them picked from more than 1500 submissions. The clips are all 15 seconds in length, and feature things ranging from live acting to animations, LEGOs, and more. Check it out above for the full movie!