"The Empire Strikes Back" intro done in James Bond style somehow works

Two of the most iconic movie franchises in the world are James Bond and Star Wars. Each of these franchises is well known for opening sequences that follow the same formula for every film. Star Wars has its opening crawl with worlds that set up what the movie is going to be about. Bond films on the other hand always have a song that goes with the title of the movie and lots of naked ladies in the shadows.

A visual arts student called Kurt Rauffer created an opening sequence to "The Empire Strikes Back" that ditches the crawl the franchise is known for and uses a James Bond style opening starting with Luke hanging from the ice cave trying to get his lightsaber to come to his hand using the force.

As with many Bond openings, we end up going right down the "barrel" of that lightsaber into a world of little models of fighter craft like Tie fighters and X-wings. The sequence is set to a rejected song that was meant for opening sequence of the last Bond film "Spectre" from the band Radiohead. The resulting video is a very cool mashup of both franchises.

Rauffer says that he will have a making of video to share with fans of his work soon. He says of his opening sequence, "I really wanted to play on the concept of Luke trying to find himself and true purpose, so the music and inspiration felt fitting." The video was made for Rauffer's student thesis at the New York School for Visual Arts. I'd say well done, the opening sequence was better than the entirety of "Spectre", that film was a low point in Daniel Craig's Bond run for me.

SOURCE: Gizmodo