The Emoticon Transforming Stamp

Abby McVay - Dec 7, 2007

About a month ago my sister-in-law enthusiastically tried to con me into going to a party where they sit around and put teddy bear stamps on everything. I believe they call it a scrapbooking party, although she only came back with greeting cards. I of course turned her down flat, then again if I’d have had this stamp I might have considered it.

Alright, so it would be a cold day in hell before I’d do the girly scrapbooking routine but I’d at least give it a second thought. Even if I didn’t go to a party where you can stamp to your hearts desire, I would definitely cover my Christmas cards with these bad boys this year.

With every smiley face stamp you can bend the rubber to make it frown or just look way too excited. Each stamp is being sold at ThinkGeek for $5.99.

Emoticon Transforming Stamp
[via ohgizmo]

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