The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game lands on PCs, mobile soon

Well-seasoned gamers will probably remember The Elder Scrolls, particularly Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, as first person fantasy RPGs. Getting with the times, however, TES, as it is fondly known, has branched out to other types as well, first with a still-running MMORPG and, now, a digital card game. In the same vein as Hearthstone, which is set in the world of Warcraft, Legends brings the lore, creatures, and unique flavor of the Elder Scrolls to a less adrenaline-rushing battle of wits on the PC and, soon, on tablets, Macs, and phones.

Unlike a traditional RPG, a card game's "plot" is rather thin. There is no specific goal to save the world, discover treasures, or even slay monsters, unless said monsters were your opponent's cards. Games like TES: Legends and Hearthstone are more focused on brains rather than finger muscle and reflexes, pitting players against other humans with the single goal of winning a match.

The Elder Scrolls Legends has been more than a year in the making and hit beta on PCs last August. By now shedding that "beta" tag, developers Bethesda (yes, the same ones that sued Oculus recently) is now free to focus on expansions. But before it actually focusing on card expansions, it will first focus on expanding where the game is available.

Starting March 23, Legends will arrive on iPads, followed by Android tablets in April. In May, macOS users will finally get their share. Smartphones will also get Legends, but not until sometime in Summer.

Unlike more traditional RPGs, whose storylines are more or less "done" save for a some DLCs, card games need a constant flow of updates, balancing fixes, and new cards. While it became popular for quite a while, few games have survived long enough to be profitable. It remains to be seen where Legends' destiny will lie.

SOURCE: Bethesda