The Egg: a personal web space in your pocket

The folks at Eggcyte have created a device called The Egg – shaped like an egg, "hatched inside Intel", made for personal media sharing. This device works with a private key, its own unique web space, and and the ability to view and share videos, photos, music, and files of all sorts. The Egg is its own 256GB storage space and can be accessed from its own screen or from a browser using a mobile or desktop device. But why would you want such a thing?

The team behind this device suggest that "Our Egg is going to change the world." They plan on doing so, according to Barry Solomon, co-founder of Eggcyte with Thomas Martis, by "[giving] you control over your own content [with a device that] fits right in the palm of your hand."

The Egg attempts to change the way we share media and communicate with one another by doing so entirely privately.

The Egg bypasses social media and 3rd-party owned "cloud" storage. All content is stored on one "The Egg" or another, and all The Egg units connect to the web via Wi-fi.

If The Egg is disconnected from Wi-fi, all of the content it holds will also become unavailable to anyone not literally holding The Egg in their hand.

Content comes from the devices you already own, like cameras and smartphones. Content can be loaded from your smartphone directly to The Egg with a microUSB cord or wirelessly, automatically.

Sound like an interesting prospect? Stay tuned to our Intel tag portal – we'll know more soon!