The Edge Desk Review

Over the past couple of weeks I've worked almost exclusively on The Edge Desk. This desk offers a unique way to work with a new way to sit. Instead of focusing all of my weight on my bottom and my lower back, The Edge Desk aims to spread that pressure to my legs and knees. The way I sit now is different from any position I've ever worked in before.

The Kneepads and Seat Part

This is one of the most comfortable seats I've ever kneeled in. It seems almost unnatural, the first time you sit in this contraption. You might assume that the two long pads are for your feet. Instead, your knees rest on the two long pads and your bottom goes on the seat. The cushions in each of these parts are extremely comfortable and haven't deteriorated in any noticeable way the several weeks I've used the desk.

The seat and the desk are adjustable in a number of ways – forward and backward (and therefore up and down) for the seat, and back and forth, up, down, and turning for the desk. Because of this, there's a real range of possibilities for unique work positions.

The Workspace/Table Part

The desk is just about the perfect size for any sort of work I'd be doing on a regular day. I generally spend most of my time on a laptop, and here I've got plenty of space for said laptop and my arms and a drink (with a handy can holder attachment), and my phone (with the handy phone holder attachment). The tabletop allows for landscape or portrait work, and can be angled flat or to a number of different angles.

The only part of this whole desk I'm not a big fan of is the finish on the top of the table. It's clearly meant to be easy to clean and keep clean, but it's extremely slippery. I'd ideally have the option to get a set of desk tops for different kinds of work.

The Hardware

The hardware is extremely robust and of the highest quality. The creator of this piece of industrial design meant business when they executed this amalgamation of metal, hard plastic, and other materials. I've thus far experienced no noticeable wear or tear on this unit whatsoever – that's over several weeks of use.

Folding and Transport

Folding this desk down is quite easy, but setting it back up is a bit of a chore. It's not difficult to deploy, but it's certainly more work than sitting down on a standard office chair. But not to worry, you probably won't need to fold it down or up more than a couple times anyway.

Transport is fairly easy if you're an adult-sized person, and near impossible if you're a 6-year-old. This is good, as I'm not a fan of my child wheeling massive pieces of hardware through our hallways. The Edge Desk has attachable wheels, if you like, which makes transport a cinch.


The Edge Desk isn't cheap – and it's certainly not for people who tend to try things once then never again. This working seat is more like an investment in a person's posture. It changed the way I work, and it made me feel more like I was working in a way that was healthy and new. More than sitting on the couch, anyway.

The Edge Desk is available straight from TheEdgeDesk dot com right this minute for approximately $400 USD. This desk is available in any color you like, so long as it's black, white, and gray metal. If you live in the continental United States, shipping of this desk is entirely free. Below you'll see a tiny video that'll give you some idea of what the unfolding process and the sitting down of your bottom in the seat look like.