The Eatmecrunchy cereal bowl

Cereal commercials are always advertising that their brand won't go soggy two seconds after you've poured milk over the top of it. With this bowl it wouldn't matter if your favorite cereal is corn flakes, because it'll keep things crunchy for even the slowest eater.

I have friends who won't touch their cereal until its soaked for a good while. Me, I like it crunchy with just a bit of milk flavor to it. Apparently I'm not alone since someone had to think this bowl up.

The cereal bowl works by you pouring your cereal throughout. Then just pouring the milk in the small area that dips down. Then as you finish what is in the milk you shove more cereal in that paticular area. The bowls are being sold for $8 a piece.

Say Goodbye To Soggy Cereal [via gearfuse]