The E-lighter - Because every lighter should have a USB cord

It's interesting, there are hundreds of gadgets out there that plug into a cigarette lighter to power gadgets that can hook into your computer. Why are there no gadgets to hook into your computer that power a lighter? I can probably think of more than a few good reasons, but alas, someone has finally created such a device.

I'm not sure exactly what the USB connection does for this thing. Perhaps it serves the same function as it does on the Absinthe Spoon. It doesn't really appear to have anything high-tech about it. Perhaps the design lights up in the middle or something.

Thankfully it appears as though this isn't actually a real product as of yet. If I had one suggestion I would make (besides the obvious) I would suggest putting a longer USB cord on that puppy. At about 3-inches or so, that's going to put you in an awfully awkward position every time you decide to light up. Then again, that might be the whole point.

E-lighter USB Cigarette Lighter [via everythingusb]