The drinks are under me

A few people have emailed me to ask if I've slept with any celebrities; I guess you're nobody in the blogging world if you haven't spent a night squashed in Mel Gibson's trunk wearing a yarmulke and smeared in baby oil. Well, I'm afraid I like to keep my romantic assignations deeply secret, just like – in fact – I like to keep my wine. After all, as soon as Whoopee Goldberg gets the faintest whiff of a claret she's like a police sniffer dog. So imagine my coquettish, childlike glee when I saw Spiral Cellars Ltd's ingenious underground wine storage.

Sunk as a precast watertight, temperature and humidity controlled cylinder, it's an ingenious and slightly Bond-esque talking point with space for up to 1600 bottles.

Optional extras include a safe, a glass trapdoor to show off your collection or a recessed design which allows your existing floor to continue seamlessly across. Sadly you'll have to provide your own wine.

Spiral Cellars [via Appliancist]