The Division's first year of DLC gets outlined

With Tom Clancy's The Division coming out soon, Ubisoft has decided to outline what their future plans are for the game. Well, the plans for the next year or so, at least. And while there is DLC that you'll have to pay for, they do have plans for additional content that will be released for free.

The first new content will come sometime next month, and add in new end-game content. This is probably pretty good timing, as after a month, the more seasoned players may already be looking for more. Incursions are meant for squads of four, and will test your skills against foes that Ubisoft describes as "nigh-unstoppable."

Perhaps even more exciting than the addition of Incursions will be the ability to trade loot with other players, which will also come next month. I was disappointed while playing the beta with my brother, as I had a knack for finding gloves that he could have used. I think by the end of the test, I had picked up nearly a dozen pair, and he had yet to find his first. You will only be able to trade loot that was picked up during a co-op session. So if you go solo and pick up some sweet gear that you can't use, you won't be able to trade it to a friend later.

In May, players will get their second bit of free content. The Conflict update is said to change the way you play in the DarkZone, though they didn't go into details. A new Incursion will also drop at the same time, this one taking place in New York's Columbus Circle.

There will be three paid DLC expansions over the course of the year. The first will be in June, and named Underground. This will allow you to explore the subways and tunnels underneath the city. Survival will come sometime in the summer, and will have you going out into the far reaches of the city, while trying to survive as long as possible. Last Stand will be out in the winter, and looks to have you defending your base against a "relentless threat."

It's good to see that they're providing a mix of both free and paid updates to the game over the next year. As with most games with planned DLC, you'll be able to pick up a season pass to ensure that you get it all for one price.

Source: Ubisoft