The Disintegrator Rubber Band Gun

Abby McVay - Jan 18, 2008

My brother and I tended to have all kinds of battles, usually involving Super Soakers, Nerf guns and the occasional rubber band gun. That is until one of us got mad or injured. Thankfully, my eye seems to have healed very well since they replaced it with this shiny new one. As a fully mature and responsible adult, I would still kick my brother’s ass if given the chance. Which makes me drool with envy over a rubber band gun that could propel 288 rubber bands in his general direction.

The gun is made up of 479 pieces total and shoots rubber bands up to 22 feet at a rate of 40 per second. The gun has 24 revolving barrels that hold up to 288 standard-sized #36 bands. The thing is so massive you have to put it on a tripod, a table mount or balance it on your hip.

Not only is it huge and likely awkward to hold, you have to charge it for 5 hours to get it to run for a whopping 7 minutes. I must say I was am also incredibly disappointed by the video as well. No one got hurt, nothing was really broken. Well except for a little cardboard head, but all in all making the gun seem very mild. A big gun like this deserves a video with horrified screams and breaking glass, even if it is really thin glass. Follow the link to see how it was constructed.

Ridiculous: Disintegrator Rubberband Gun
[via geekologie]

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