The Digital Bank – keep track of your pennies

Christina Crouch - Nov 27, 2007, 6:13am CST

Who doesn’t love saving money, nobody that I know of. Who doesn’t like counting their money, again, same answer. When we count our money and see our hard earned savings it’s a great feeling, the closest we may ever come to Scrooge McDuck and pool of gold. With the Discovery Amazing Money Jar, kids can now experience that same feeling.

The Discovery Amazing Money Jar can recognize many different kinds of coins and keep track for you on its LCD lid. This instant gratification is sure to have kids wanting to save more and more. The best part is that while they’re saving their money their learning the value of a dollar and also not nagging you to take them out and spend their coins.

If you’re worried that your kid is just too much of a shopaholic for a money jar, don’t worry, this one is made of high impact plastic and unless Jr. can wield a sledgehammer, they aren’t getting in. You can buy it for about $13.50, it’s a good investment.

Digital Money Jar Teaches Kids to Save Their Pennies [via coolest Gadgets]

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