The Daily Slash: October 14th 2010

Evan Selleck - Oct 14, 2010, 7:14pm CDT
The Daily Slash: October 14th 2010

Plenty of speculation being tossed around today, whether it’s regarding the BlackBerry Storm 3 or even more rumors about when the iPhone will launch on Verizon. Even the Palm Pre 2 might be landing on Verizon soon enough. Outside of the speculation, in our story from around the Web, we’ve got Lithium-ion Solar Street Lights getting launched in Japan in January next year. And then, we’ll wrap up the rest of the night with stories from around the R3 Media Network. Welcome to the Thursday edition of The Daily Slash.

From Around the Web

Panasonic and Sanyo Create EVERLED Li-Ion Solar Street Lights: As technology companies all over the globe figure out ways to create better technology, that also combines the efforts of an eco-friendly stature, we’re left watching even the most seemingly mundane pieces of technology being upgraded. For instance, Panasonic and Sanyo saw fit to fix street lights. The new versions, called EVERLEDs, combines the use of solar cells and Lithiu-ion batteries. The lights feature Sanyo’s HIT solar cells, which boast the highest-class conversion efficiency in the world, and more integrated thin solar cells. As you can imagine ,the electricity needed to power the lights is gathered from the solar panels, and then the energy is stored in the Li-ion batteries. The LED lights can be then be powered for up to 15 hours at night, without sun. The pair of companies plan on launching the new street lights in January, 2011, in Japan. [via FarEastGizmos]

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