The Daily Slash: May 20th 2010

Only 11 more days left in the month, and today marked a pretty loud, and impressive, announcement from Google. Of course, there's just 11 more days in the month, and that means June's getting closer and closer. And we all know what's coming in June. Tonight though, in typical Daily Slash fashion, we'll focus on what else happened out there today. First up, in the Best of R3, we've got a report card with some pretty impressive statistics, and Versace has a new phone out (it's "unique"). And then in the Dredge 'Net, Steve Jobs isn't a fan of WebM, the white iPhone HD looks very sleek when it's rendered, and it looks like the AT&T Pre Plus has been given an unlock.

The Best of R3 Media

Android is Innovation for Everyone: There's no doubt that Android is on the rise. It's pretty much everywhere right now. (Even our TVs.) But, we're like the rest of you: we want proof. So, thankfully Google today gave us a brief run down of how they're mobile Operating System is doing. And, just to make a long story short, it's doing very well for itself. They're looking at 60 Android-compatible devices, from 21 OEMs, in 48 countries, on an unprecedented 59 different carriers. They're also selling 100,000 Android-based devices every day. So yeah, pretty good for themselves. [via Android Community]

Meet the Versace Unique: We'd say it's unique (maybe we already did), but the truth is, well, okay, maybe it is. It's manufactured from hand-crafted pure ceramic or handmade lacquers, you can choose from an 18K yellow gold finish, or having a 316L grade stainless steel inlay. On top of that, with no pun intended please, the touchscreen is protected with a single sheet of sapphire crystal. Unfortunately, the uniqueness comes to a sudden halt when you realize that LG is actually providing the software. Go check out its purple goodness, it'll definitely make your night. [via SlashPhone]

The Dredge Net

Steve Jobs Isn't a Fan of Google's WebM: Open source is a good thing. Just ask Google. But, not everyone wants to jump on the open-source bandwagon of the moment. Point in fact, Steve Jobs has a plan, and unfortunately for everyone who wanted Safari to start including WebM in the future, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. In a terse reply to someone brave enough to email the question to Jobs himself, Jobs basically said that WebM is weak, incomplete, and heavy with patent issues. Of course, this won't be the only thing we hear of Jobs' opinion on WebM, but it's definitely an interesting start. Stay tuned for more, certainly. [via Apple Insider]

White iPhone HD gets a Nice Render: Despite the fact it's ridiculously fake, and right now there's not even a slightest bit of confirmation that the iPhone HD in white even exists, but that didn't stop someone from setting it up in a three-dimensional render, and showing it off to the world. And for that, we thank them. Because, if the iPhone HD in white actually looks like this, consider us a little bit more sold on the hardware. We don't have long to wait, so let's hold tight, and see what Apple announces here in a few short weeks. [via Mac Stories]

The AT&T Palm Pre Plus Gets Unlocked: It's brought to you by the NextGenServer SIM unlock method that broke cover last month. And, just as we've seen with any other unlocked phone showing up here in the States, you'll be able to use the AT&T Palm Pre Plus with T-Mobile USA, or TELUS up there in Canada. However, don't expect 3G speeds if you're using it on T-Mobile. Go crazy with your 3G downloads if you find yourself on TELUS, though. The unlock costs $37, so figure it out for yourself if that's worth it to you. [via PreCentral]