The Daily Slash: May 10th 2010

Welcome to the beginning of the week! Sure enough, right on schedule, here's another edition of the Daily Slash. We're glad you could make it. Hopefully you managed to survive your holiday in tact. Enough to be here, and that's all that matters, really. So, tonight. We've got the Best of R3 first. It looks like the Droid Eris is set to get updated tomorrow, there's a review up, and a regional carrier keeps getting Android. And then in the Dredge 'Net, we hear from Clearwire's CEO about 4G, how Arizona's immigration law is affecting game developers, and Apple's iPhone exclusivity deal gets figured out.The Best of R3 MediaVerizon Wireless Droid Eris Set to Go Android 2.1: We can't help but say that leaked images, no matter where they come from, aren't the best sources to go off. Especially not when it's talking about a particular upgrade for Android-based handsets. They just never seem to work out. With that being said, go ahead and take this one with as much salt grains as you want. According to a leaked Verizon Wireless image, the Droid Eris is getting the update to Android 2.1 not next week, but tomorrow. That actually means, for some of you out there, there could be an OTA update waiting on your handset for when you wake up in the morning. Let us know if you see anything, won't you? [via Android Community]Wrapsol Protective System Reviewed: We're fans of accessories. In some cases, it's what makes all our gadgets all the more interesting. In the case of protective systems, which are meant to save your gadgets from all sorts of dastardly actions, we really enjoy what some companies create. Wrapsol is one of those companies. Their protective system for the iPad works well, looks great, and it doesn't add any unnecessary frills to the iPad's already luxurious design. [via Everything iPad]Samsung Acclaim Heading to US Cellular: Seriously, the regional carrier, US Celluar, is getting some pretty intense, and interesting, stock. First there's the HTC Desire, which is set to hit store shelves in no time, is now being aided in the Android revolution by the Samsung Acclaim. It's a full QWERTY keyboard device, with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. It's running Android 2.1 (no laughing...), and supposedly it's going to be launched by the end of July. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetClearwire Won't be Using LTE Until 2012: Right now, Clearwire is one of the strongest entities in the WiMax market. If not the strongest in the entire world. And, as it stands, it seems that WiMax isn't necessarily the strongest 4G technology out there. And, for many companies, they already know that services like Long Term Evolution, or LTE, are going to replace them. So, what're these companies, so heavily invested in the alternative means to 4G, supposed to do? Well, obviously jump ship and hit up the competitor, of course. However, while there were some rumors that Clearwire would be doing that by the end of this year, Bill Morrow (CEO of Clearwire) decided to clear up the whole misunderstanding. They're strengthening their WiMax experience, and they don't have any plans to switch to LTE in the near future. Not until 2012, in fact. [via PhoneScoop]Arizona Immigration Law Affects Indie Video Game Developer: More than likely, at least by now, you've heard about the immigration law that Arizona just passed. While we don't think we need to get into the details here, let's just say that it's put many, many people up-in-arms. And, when you've got people like indie video game developers who need to move their place of business because of the law, things are definitely not all right. Mojo-Bone Software Studios, which is currently working on a project codenamed Project Blue Ghost, has apparently needed to move their workspace to California, because many voice actors they were going to use for the project don't want to work in Arizona, for fear of racial profiling. Looks to us like some things need to change. [via Kotaku]Apple iPhone Deal Exclusive for AT&T for 5 Years: And all of that began in 2007, according to some court documents that were just discovered. Apparently, while everyone knew that the agreement between Apple and AT&T consisted of some many number of years, the exact details weren't known by everyone. Even by the people who were interested. But, according to some documents that have come forth, it seems that the deal itself is supposed to last 5 years. Starting in 2007. So, looks like 2012 is the date of dates. Then again, Apple could find their way out of the deal we imagine, so anything's possible, right? [via Engadget]