The Daily Slash: March 22nd, 2010

We do our very best here at SlashGear to bring you the latest intelligence from the huge, and still growing world of the tech industry. But, as it stands, we're only human, and sometimes we're just not able to bring you every single piece of information we get our hands on. It's unfortunate, but we also don't want to give you any kind of sensory overload throughout the day. We realized that there were still a lot of great stories out there, so we wanted to bring them to your attention, in a nice, orderly fashion. That's why we have the Daily Slash, where we'll bring you a daily wrap-up of all the cool, interesting, or just plain shiny stuff we find.Bannco Unveils the XScorch 360: The debate between which method to play video games has been going on for a very long time, as both sides bicker on what's better: PC mouse-and-keyboard, or the console's standard controller. Well, for a lot of PC gamers out there (and vice versa), there's just one of those titles out there that you want to play on the console, but can't shy away from that mouse of yours. Bannco has the answer for you: the XScorch 360. [via TG Daily]Active Media Launches 16 and 32GB eSATA USB SSD Drive: The standard flash drive is still used quite a bit nowadays, and it's primarily dealt with USB drives. They're easy to use, and most PCs come with a multitude of ports to choose from. But it looks like Active Media wants to go a different route. While it may seem different to most, the truth is the methodology results in faster data transfers, which we can never shy away from. (What can we say? We transfer a lot of data.) The company has created two variants, a 16GB and 32GB model, both with USB capabilities. So, the same good ol' USB connector, but with faster eSATA transfer rates. Win-win, if you ask us. [via Hot Hardware]Chrysler Announces the Fiat 500 is Coming to America: No doubt, electric cars are still all the rage. People want to save money on gas, and getting a nice tax credit definitely doesn't hurt. So, Chrysler wants to make sure that everyone knows their latest all-electric vehicle, which made a previous, limited edition run in Europe, is coming to the States in 2012. Yeah, there will be plenty of other models from different companies that release between now and then, but hey, this one is definitely easy on the eyes. [via Autoblog]AGENT Creates Soccer Ball of the Future: We've been hearing a lot of talk about 3D, and how it relates to events like the Barclays Premiere League, and theĀ FIFA World Cup ready to kick off in just a few months. But, there's one area that seems to be neglected all the time, and we don't mean the pitch (which is known as the field here in the States). The soccer ball. And, sure, you may look at the ball and think that there's not much room for improvement, but, AGENT begs to differ. They've created a translucent ball, that lights up depending on actions occurring on the field. Yeah, we know. It's awesome. [via Design Boom]Old Time Computer Wants to Make You Look Rich, With Wood: Think your computer looks boring? Why not spruce it up with some wooden casing? Old Time Computer can do that for you, and it's not as expensive as you might think, considering the workmanship and detail that goes into the project. It's a pretty simple snap-on case though, so even if it gets heavy on the eyes at some point, you should be able to just take it right off. Getting a case for your iMac will cost you about $265, and you can change your keyboard in the same fashion as well, but that will cost you an additional $345. [via DVICE]