The Daily Slash: June 23rd 2010

Wednesday's seem to have a mind of their own. Seriously, they can just feel like they go on forever. That hump at the middle of the week can either be a great motivator, or something that just drags you down. Thankfully, considering the announcements and other pieces of news, today was definitely a good day. Welcome to The Daily Slash. Tonight, in the Best of R3 Media, we've got an expected release date for Froyo, we go hands-on with the Parrot AR.Drone, and US Cellular is getting a BlackBerry. And then in the Dredge 'Net, Xbox 360 won't play Zune music in the background, the Nintendo 3DS can do 3D video chat, we've got a huge yacht.The Best of R3 MediaFroyo Landing on Motorola Droids in July and August: At the announcement for the Droid X today, it was made perfectly clear that the update to Android 2.2, for the Droid X and the original Droid, was coming by the end of the Summer. And now, thanks to some leaked direct images from an internal Verizon Wireless source, we are starting to get a bit more of a clearer image. The original Droid is apparently getting the update to Froyo a month ahead of the Droid X — it's expected to launch at the end of July. As for the Droid X? That's coming at the end of August, apparently. [via Android Community]Parrot AR.Drone Hands-On: The Parrot AR.Drone is definitely one of the most talked about, and heavily wanted items on the planet right now. And, thanks to our charms here at SlashGear, we were able to get some hands-on time with the new-fangled device. You'll be able to control the Drone from your iPhone or iPod Touch (that includes the iPad, too), and there's even an Android application coming some time in the future. There will be interactive games that you'll be able to "play" on the mobile controller, with more games coming from an open source approach later, after the device launches later this year. Check out the other details, pictures, as well as the video through the link. [via SlashGear]BlackBerry 9650 Heading to US Cellular: As CDMA-based devices go, the BlackBerry lineage is a breed that gets passed around a lot. No surprise here, but the device that's already made an appearance on Verizon Wireless and the Sprint Network is making its way to the sixth largest wireless carrier in the United States, better known as the regional carrier U.S. Cellular. It's launching some time in early August, but other than that, we've got no more information, as US Cellular is being remarkably quiet on the launch. Guess they have to have their surprises, too, right? [via PhoneMag]The Dredge 'NetZune Music Comes to Xbox 360, No You Can't Listen to It While You Play Games: Long title, because it deserves one. Not because it's good news, though. If you've got your hands on an Xbox 360, and you're one that's used before, then you know that music played from can't be played while you're playing games, or anything else for that matter. That's right — you're console can't multitask that certain application. In any event, Zune is just about ready to make it so you can use your Zune Pass on your 360, but it'll work just like — no music multitasking. But, then again, if you've got a Zune Pass, then you probably have a computer and the Zune Software, which means you can just connect your computer to the Xbox 360, thanks to wireless syncing, and play your music that way, right from the media player. So . . . Problem solved? [via Gizmodo]Nintendo 3DS May Do 3D Video Chat, How Cool is That? Yes, that rhymes. Excuse us, we're in a curious mood tonight. Anyway! Apparently, Nintendo's dropped some hints that 3D video chat can, and will be done on the Nintendo 3DS. No idea how, considering that the 3D cameras are on the outside of the device, but hey, Nintendo's obviously got some ideas. Now, we make it happen. We want 3D video chat! [via Kotaku]Trinity Euphoria Yacht is Real, Costs A Lot: Yachts are expensive. There's definitely no denying that. And, the Trinity Euphoria is $39,000,000 worth of 168-feet goodness. It can comfortably hold 10 people in its five state rooms. There's a pair of 2,250-hp engines, too, and they can send the yacht on 3,000 nautical miles on a tank of fuel. That's beyond impressive. [via The Awesomer]