The Daily Slash: June 21st 2010

Evan Selleck - Jun 21, 2010
The Daily Slash: June 21st 2010

Hope your weekend went well. We had a pretty busy day here, especially for a Monday, but we’re thrilled that you could stick it out with us. It’s time to wind down, so welcome to Monday’s edition of The Daily Slash. Tonight, in the Best of R3 Media, we’ve got a great app for your Android device, Sony’s talking smack about the 3DS, and Verizon Wireless completes a round of LTE testing. In the Dredge ‘Net, Nike’s got a giant LED screen, AT&T and Verizon kind of agree on something, and Kinect gets priced by Microsoft — still not officially.

The Best of R3 Media

QuickDesk for Android Brings Multitasking to a New Level: One of the more touted features of the Android mobile Operating System, is the fact that it can multitask. Want to run multiple applications in the background? Good, because Android can do that. But, what if you wanted a new, dare we say better way to do it? In comes QuickDesk, a desktop application/home replacement that allows you to set more widgets/icons on a separate homescreen from the rest of your previously filled versions have. You can using your Browser for something and want to switch to your WiFi. So, instead of hitting Home to go back to your homescreens, and then dig into your Settings (or use the Power Management widget), you can simply access QuickDesk right on the fly, activate WiFi, and then go back to your browsing, easy as pie. Check it out through the link. [via Android Community]

Nintendo 3DS’ Tech Isn’t Precise, Sony’s Better, Says Sony: Truth be told, the executives in charge of the gaming market are pretty cut-throat. You know who they’re talking about, even if they don’t say who they’re talking about. And, let’s face it, it’s rare that they don’t say who they’re talking about. This time around, Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said that “naked-eye 3D for portables does not have high precision.” Well, fancy that. We’d be willing to bet that if you asked him, Sony’s 3D tech (for their home video game console, the PS3) is so much better, it’s probably ridiculous. But, it’s also safe to assume that, based on Hirai’s statement, Sony tried the technology at some point on their own time, probably for the PSP2, which would feature 3D. Yeah, that would’ve made sense… [via SlashGear]

Technical Trials Complete, Verizon Goes for User Trials: Verizon’s seriously making some headway in their Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G trials. They’ve just announced that they’ve succeeded in their technical trials, and now they are moving to the next, and perhaps most important stage of testing. They’re on the cusp of starting user testing/trials. While we wish this meant that randomly selected customers out there (us, us, us!) would get their hands on some unknown 4G-based handsets, unfortunately that just means some lucky Verizon Wireless employees out there are going to get to rock the next generation of Verizon’s network before anyone else. So . . . Lucky them. [via PhoneMag]

The Dredge ‘Net

Love the World Cup? Visit Nike’s Giant LED Screen in South Africa: While we’re sure there’s plenty of people out there watching the World Cup, we have to keep an eye out there for the tech that features it in one way or another. This time around, it’s not a robot. Oh, no. This is a huge, and we mean huge LED screen, plastered all over the side of Johannesburg’s Life Centre Skyscraper. Oh, and it’s interactive. Yeah, you can send text from Facebook, along with other social networking sites like Twitter, to be displayed in huge letters on the building for everyone else to see. But text isn’t enough. If you name a player in your update to the LED screen, a video of that player will also get shown off, too. Pretty awesome way to display World Cup love, if you ask us. [via CrunchGear]

AT&T and Verizon Join WiFi Roaming Group: There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of people out there using wireless data. Even as wireless carriers all over the world start restricting people on how much usage they can actually use, other company’s are still trying their hand at unlimited data. But they’re feeling the stress. One way to alleviate that, is to allow customers free, and unhindered access to WiFi hotspots. A new technology will make it easier, and seamless, for cell phone users to transition from their cellular network, to WiFi, and back whenever they come into a Wifi hotspot. Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless have joined the WiFi Roaming Group, in hopes that this technology can be implemented on their networks quickly enough to help with new customers, and more smartphone purchases. [via MacWorld]

Pre-Order Microsoft Kinect for $149.99 from Microsoft’s Online Store: Yes, you read that right. Despite the fact Microsoft haven’t officially announced the price for the motion-based gaming peripheral, that’s not stopping companies all over the place from pricing it on their own. GameStop, Best Buy, and other places like Amazon already have the unit for pre-order, and that sweet spot seems to be $149.99. What comes in the box? The Kinect sensor, manual, power supply cable, and a WiFi extension cable. We don’t know what that last part is, either. So, Microsoft. We’re ready when you are. [via Microsoft Store]

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