The Daily Slash: June 16th 2010

So, how's the middle of your week going for you so far? Did you even realizes it's already Wednesday? We had to double-check our calendars, truth be told. But, here we are, nearing the end of another week, filled-to-the-brim with stuff that's just got to be told. In tonight's edition of The Daily Slash, where we sift through The Best of R3 Media first, we have access to Swype's beta finally, some hands-on time with the HP ePrint, and Nokia's just now realizing they've got some competition. In the Dredge 'Net, it looks like T-Mobile's not getting the iPhone, someone made a real-life Stargate, and meet the first solar hybrid air conditioner.The Best of R3 MediaSwype Beta Available for All: For people out there who have recently purchased a new Android-based device, you've probably already got Swype. It's the keyboard that allows you to slide your finger from one letter to the next to make your word, instead of tapping them out. Great invention, and we're glad to see it widely adopted. But, for the rest of us out there, we had to put our names in a beta hat, and hope they got drawn. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait long, because they've just opened up the beta for everyone. But, if you're interested, go sign up now and get your hands on it, because it's only open for a limited time. So, hurry up! [via Android Community]HP ePrint Hands-On: We love our hands-on time with gadgets, even the ones that many would consider old-fashioned. Yes, some may consider a printer old-fashioned. But, that's not stopping HP from getting their mitts into the future of printing, shoving some cloud-based features into that old-fashioned goodness. Just register your printer with a unique email address with HP's cloud service, and you can print any attached document right from there. Pretty awesome, if you ask us. Head on through the link to get some more details, plus plenty of pictures. We know how much you love your pictures. [via SlashGear]Nokia Alters Projections for 2010: Apparently, Nokia's got some competition. So much so, in fact, they are actually calling it "heated competition." Yes, the likes of Apple, Google, and even Research In Motion are still hitting sales out of the park, and therefore Nokia's been forced to alter their projections for their second quarter earnings, as well as the long-term 2010 earnings. Pretty intense stuff, if you ask us. Nokia's obviously in some rough waters, but it's nothing that a high-profile handset couldn't fix. So, let's make it happen, Nokia. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge 'NetSources Say T-Mobile's Out of the iPhone Picture: We love a strong, good rumors as much as the next person, so that's why we figure we should bring this to your attention. Because, by now, you've heard all the rumors about the iPhone, which is currently on lock-down by AT&T, heading to carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and even Sprint. Well, apparently T-Mobile couldn't afford the iPhone. If they had spent the money to get it, they apparently would have been forced to sell the iPhone, and only the iPhone. So, bye-bye to all those other high-profile devices, like the many they've got running Google's Android mobile OS. Very interesting, to say the least. Especially if you head through the link and read up the rest of the statement, which Droid Life's sources are saying are true. [via Droid-Life]Not Life-Sized, but Very Real Stargate: What do you do with your free time? Some people out there make things. And, still others, make things that are from other things, like television shows based on movies. For example, for one guy and his father, building a replicated, real-life Stargate was something they really wanted to do. So, they did it. And now it's sitting in the back of their house, even with a painted surface representing "water." Or, whatever it is they pass through to get to other . . . Dimensions? We're not completely caught up in our Stargate lore, so you'll have to forgive us. In any event, the recreation is pretty awesome. We can't wait to see the finished product. [via Unique Daily]First Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner Unveiled: Protecting the environment, in some capacity or another, is on the mind of pretty much every major company on the planet. Especially when it can save them money. It's even better when it can save customer's money, too. For example, LG just announced they've pulled the curtain off the first solar hybrid air conditioner. Basically, you guessed it: solar power charges the air conditioner, thanks to the solar cell module attached to the top. The result is upwards of 70 watts of power per hour. This probably won't get integrated into homes around the world tomorrow, but we can keep our fingers crossed that it happens sooner than later. [via Akihabara News]