The Daily Slash: June 15th 2010

It's a late Tuesday night, and you're probably trying to find something to do. Well, good thing we've got you covered here at SlashGear, because we're up late with you, bringing you the tail-end of a busy, busy day. Hopefully you're caught up on all your E3 news, because we promise there's only one bit of news here related to that. So, then you'll be caught up. First, in the Best of R3 Media, we've got instructions for you to root your myTouch Slide, we've got a Drone that you can buy later this year, and then Sony Ericsson adds Skype to some phones. In the Dredge 'Net, Move your way to pre-order status, US Apple Stores are (finally) sold out of iPhone 4s, and Verizon's on track with their LTE deployment.The Best of R3 MediaThe myTouch Slide 3G is Rooted, Here's How: Android hackers are intense. They just don't know when to give up. And, when a new device gets launched, you can pretty much expect it to be hacked to smithereens in no time. It's no different for the myTouch Slide 3G, as a hacker by the name of Eugene373, with some teamwork, have managed to get the deed done. And, if you've got a myTouch Slide, then you should head on over through the link, read the instructions, and take your time to get your own phone rooted. [via Android Community]Parrot AR.Drone is $299 This September: Have you ever wanted to get your hands on one of those unmanned aerial vehicles? Us too. That's why when the Parrot AR.Drone was showcased at CES this year, we couldn't take our eyes off of it. And now we're happy to have an official announcement as to when we can get our hands on one. That day's going to be some time in September, and you'll e able to get your hands on it for only $299. This, of course, comes with the ability to download an app from Apple's App Store, where you will be able to pilot, as well as play games, with your new drone. Check out the link for the full details, plus a few videos to whet your appetite. [via SlashGear]Sony Ericsson Brings Skype to Symbian: If you're a fan of Skype, and you've got yourself a Sony Ericsson device running Symbian, then you're in luck. Because SE has gone and made it possible for Symbian devices, such as the Vivaz, Vivaz Pro, and Satio, to get a free application that will make it possible for those lucky owners to take advantage of the VoIP service. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge 'NetPlayStation Move Available for Pre-Order at Best Buy and GameStop: Were you interested in pre-ordering the new PlayStation Move that Sony just made official today? Yeah, we wouldn't be surprised. And while we're sure that there's plenty of other retailers, both online and not, that are going to follow suit, it looks like GameStop and Best Buy are on the ball. You can pick up the Move bundle for only $99.99, which includes the necessary EyeToy/PS Eye, the Move controller, and the Sports Champion title. Unfortunately, it says that you won't get them until at least November 1st, and maybe all the way up to November 6th. So, you know, do what you want. But, at least you get the ability to choose, right? [via GameStop]US Apple Stores are Sold Out of iPhone 4s. So is AT&T: We already know that the servers for both AT&T and Apple were having some major issues today, but we didn't think it would result in something like this. While the whole system was done off and on, and people all over the United States were forced to sit idly by while their computers, or employees at brick-and-mortar stores, told them they would have to wait while things got back together, the iPhone 4 was quickly selling out. And, sure enough, it looks like if you order/purchase your iPhone 4 right now, you won't be getting it even shipped to you until about July 2nd. Bummer, we know. [via TUAW]Verizon Wireless Says They're on Track for LTE Roll Out: Verizon Wireless had a Device Specifications webcast today, and the entire point of it was to talk about LTE, the devices upon it, and where Verizon stands on the roll out process. The company managed to reaffirm that they are right on track, and they are going to still launch the 4G network by the end of the year in upwards of 30 markets. Furthermore, they still believe that by 2013, they are going to possibly surpass their current 3G network in coverage. So, good news all around. Now, we just have to wait and see the first handsets. [via Boy Genius Report]