The Daily Slash: June 14th 2010

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It's been awhile, hasn't it? Yes, yes, it has. We know. There's been a few changes, some systematic alterations that had to take place over the last few weeks, but here we are. Tonight, on a Monday, smack-dab in the middle of June. Welcome to tonight's edition of The Daily Slash. We're happy you could find your way back. Tonight, in the Best of R3 Media, we've got exclusive images of the Samsung Galaxy S Pro, a run-down of where to pre-order your iPhone 4, and a new release from Pantech. In the Dredge 'Net, we've got rumors that Apple's releasing a new app for iOS, we get to see the first bionic iPad, and the newly announced Xbox 360 goes up for pre-order.The Best of R3 MediaSamsung Galaxy S Pro for Sprint Poses for Camera: The Samsung Galaxy S is a pretty good device. And, by "pretty good," we mean fantastic. So, to think that Samsung's created the same device, with all that Super AMOLED display goodness, plus the 1GHz Hummingbird processor under the hood, and added a physical keyboard to the mix, well, that's almost too good to be true. According to the tipster, it even gets goodies like WiMAX (4G) support from Sprint. So, take that, HTC. No word on release date, sadly, and no mention of pricing quite yet, but we can imagine this going for a pretty penny once it releases. [via Android Community]Pre-Order Your iPhone 4 Tomorrow: All of the hype out there about the iPhone 4 is just about due to run its course, considering the device is set to launch in just ten days time. And, we're sure a whole bunch of you out there are getting ready to pre-order it, sitting on your hands, waiting. Well, we've got a lovely list for you, telling you where you can visit, pre-order, and set yourself up for a bunch of happiness come June 24th. Walmart, Best Buy, RadioShack, AT&T stores, and Apple Stores all fit the bill. But, hit up the link to find out the details. You won't be leaving those stores without dropping some cash. [via SlashGear]Pantech Ease for AT&T Launching June 20th: In a world filled to the brim with smartphones, you have to wonder if there's a place for featurephones, even with full slide-out keyboards. Well, companies like Pantech surely think there is, and we're pretty sure wireless carriers like AT&T are willing to assume the same. A featurephone just has to get the message across, and some of them are the best messaging devices out there. With the release of the Ease from Pantech, they're obviously trying to sneak into that latter category, as they've just announced a 3.2-inch touchscreen, full landscape slider QWERTY keyboard messaging device. It features things like an "easy mode," which makes it have streamlined menus, and larger font and touch-points. It's going to be available June 20th, for $120. If you're interested, hit up the link for more details, and a picture. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge 'NetApple Rumored to Release an iOS App: For some reason, hearing news that Apple's about to release an application for their own App Store is pretty mind-boggling to us. Maybe it's just a long-time coming. In any event, right now it's just a rumor, but it does make a lot of sense. According to those "well in the know," Apple's about to release an application into the App Store that would allow current iPhone users to set up Genius Bar appointments at their local Apple Store (which they can also find with the app, too), and "purchase and reserve products including reservations for the new iPhone." Very, very interesting. That should make reserving your new iDevice all the more easier, so if it comes true, let us know in the comments if you download it and take advantage of the easiness. [via IntoMobile]Verizon MiFi Hacked Into an iPad: Sure, the iPad 3G, rocking AT&T's 3G network, is one of the most enjoyed devices out there. Especially when the 3G works. But, for some people out there, they'd rather have the magical and revolutionary tablet from Apple without the hassle of AT&T (especially considering the changes recently made). And we don't blame them. So, what to do? Why not shove a Verizon Wireless MiFi's circuit board into your iPad, and make it connect to a whole new network? That's what one man did, and he managed to make it work quite well. Now his iPad's a Verizon WiFi hotspot. Pretty great, righht? Check out the link for more details. Though, we should mention that this isn't for people not comfortable with some hardware disassembling, so, be forewarned. [via DISH TV HD Store]New Xbox 360 Up for Pre-Order Now: Right now, if you are really interested in picking up the new Xbox 360 that Microsoft announced earlier today, then you can make sure you've got one waiting for you in store when it shows up later this week. Pre-order one from your favorite retailer, like Amazon or GameStop, and have it all plugged in and ready to go the same day it arrives. You get the new, shiny black box, the integrated 802.11n WiFi, and that expansive 250GB hard drive all for only $299.99. Good deal, so get on it! [via Amazon; via GameStop]