The Daily Slash: July 6th 2010

Evan Selleck - Jul 6, 2010
The Daily Slash: July 6th 2010

Tonight’s a bit of a phone night, and we really can’t explain why. But, as you know, it happens. But, in any event, welcome to the eve of the rest of the week. In tonight’s edition of The Daily Slash, tucked away in The Best of R3 Media, we’ve got what HTC calls plans for the future of Android and HTC Sense, the coolest ceiling fan in the history of ceiling fans, and the Droid Incredible’s (shocker) been pushed back again. And then in the Dredge ‘Net, scientists have created a ridiculously strong battery, the original Kindle patent spells doom and gloom for the competition, and some lucky Droid X pre-orderers are getting their devices early.

The Best of R3 Media

Android 2.2 Expected for Most HTC Sense-based Devices by Christmas: When it comes to getting updates ready and released for devices, HTC and Motorola are in a pretty high-stakes tie for frustrating their customers the most. But, at least if you take the word of one HTC exec, then it looks like HTC’s got a clamp on Android 2.2 hitting their devices in the future. They actually expect to have all of their devices upgraded and ready to go by Christmas — so that’s not that bad at all. Then again, if you think about the rumors that Google’s all set to announced Android 3.0 around the same time . . . well, then we guess it’s a whole other story. [via Android Community]

Ribbon Ceiling Fans Should Win All of the Awards: We’re not sure how many aesthetic awards are out there, let alone awards for designs or anything else remotely connected to a ceiling fan, but the Ribbon Fan should win them all. It’s not only the coolest looking fan in the history of fans, but apparently the designers expect this bad boy to actually come out in the market some day. We can just hope for soon. And by soon, we mean sooner than that. Like, tomorrow. The helical blades work to push the air throughout the room and not just straight down, and it actually uses less energy, too. So, a win-win for everyone. [via SlashGear]

HTC Droid Incredible Pushed Back into August: If you were someone who pre-ordered the Droid Incredible, then you’ve got this whole “sit and wait” thing down by now. But, if you were thinking that maybe the whole situation had been figured out by now, and you were planning on heading into your local Verizon store and getting your pre-order on, you might want to take a moment and think about it. According to Verizon’s site, the Incredible’s been pushed back to the first week of August, and if we’re going off the past at all, that’s probably a trend that’s not going to stop any time soon. Even if we are hoping. [via PhoneMag]

The Dredge ‘Net

Scientists Create Super Battery: Ever heard of Xenon Difluoride? It’s okay if you haven’t. Basically, on a normal day, it’s just a normal chemical that’s not known for doing much outside of looking good. However, if you were to, say, crush it with the pressure of 1 million times our atmosphere, apparently it does something super. That’s right, it actually becomes a super compound, and thanks to some crazy science, that energy that was used to actually crush the chemical gets stored in its chemical bonds. That results in a ridiculously powerful storage device. Or, if you’re creative enough, a battery. It’s not all that easy to recreate all the time, but right now, the little metal-looking cube is the most powerful non-nuclear storage device ever created. And that’s some pretty unreal, yet fabulous news if you ask us. We can thank the scientists at Washington State’s chemistry lab for this great find, by the way. So, if you’re in the area, might want to buy them a round or two. [via DVICE]

Amazon’s Kindle Patent Finally Accepted: It’s actually been awhile since Amazon put their patent for the design of the Kindle. Actually, it dates back all the way to 2006. And it’s actually general enough that competitors like the nook and Alex could very well be in some for troubled water in the future. You see, Amazon’s patent definitely makes mention of a dual-screen piece of hardware, and if you’ll recall, the nook and Alex flaunt those dual-screens like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, there’s all sorts of reasons that Amazon remained silent when those devices hit store shelves, or were even announced, and we can’t presume to know what they are thinking. What the patents tell us, though, is that Amazon was clearly just looking into the future of eReaders, and they wanted to make sure that they covered their bases for all of the hardware they planned, or ever thought they’d plan on releasing. We’ll see if this gets interesting soon enough. [via CrunchGear]

Some Droid X Pre-Orders Landing in Customer’s Hands: Well, shucks. Good news for those who pulled the trigger on the latest juggernaut Android-based device from Motorola, though. Apparently, some of these 4.3-inch bad boys are actually showing up on people’s doorsteps. And, what’s more interesting about the whole thing, is the fact that the official Droid X Twitter account (@DroidLanding) might actually be telling all those who follow it where, exactly, those are landing. We originally thought it was a scavenger hunt, but considering the similarities of the posts, and where the devices are showing up, it’s a bit too much of a coincidence to overlook. In any event, it looks like Motorola might have a super-sneaky plan up their sleeve, and if that’s the case, then those lucky folks should start thinking the company at large. [via Droid-Landing]

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