The Daily Slash: July 13th 2010

Can you believe that it's already (pretty much) the middle of July? It just feels like time's flying by, doesn't it? Guess that's what happens when you're having fun — and we have plenty of that around here. That's why we're happy you can join us. So, welcome to tonight's edition of The Daily Slash. First up, in the Best of R3 Media, we've got 100,000 apps for the Android Market, and is an iPhone 4 recall coming soon? And then in the Dredge 'Net, it looks like Stanford is going digital, we've got some big speakers, and it looks like Destination Arcade is just a limited run.

The Best of R3 Media

100,000 Apps in Android Market by End of July: As of right now, the Android Market is somewhere in the ballpark of 95,000 apps, apparently. Pretty impressive numbers (even if you consider the competition). But, that's just about to be shunned with a nice little milestone, which is apparently going to be reached by the end of this month. 100,000. Thanks to AndroLib, we can see that over the course of the last few months, Android's been rolling in about 14,000 every month, so reaching that milestone won't be all that hard, hopefully. [via Android Community]

PR Experts Say iPhone 4 Recall Inevitable: So, the iPhone 4 has a problem with its reception. Some say it's software related. Others, the majority voice if you will, say that it has more to do with the faulty way the antenna works. PR Experts believe the latter, saying that it's a hardware fault, and that a recall not only needs to take place, but that it's actually inevitable. There's no word from Apple, of course, but hopefully that happens sooner than later. [via SlashGear]

The Dredge 'Net

Stanford Engineering Library About to go Digital: So, Stanford's legendary Engineering Library, with a collection of 80,000 or more books, is going to finally say good-bye to the physical copies and enter into the digital realm. According to some research done through the library, it looks like there is a vast majority of books in the library that haven't been checked out in almost five years. That's almost ridiculous. So, Stanford is planning on opening a new library, with only 10,000 or so books inside, but with all of the others transferred to a safe digital hard drive somewhere, where students can access it from wherever they want. Pretty good stuff to hear, for those who love technology, but it's still (kind of) sad to see the ways of the old disappearing right before our eyes. [via Hot Hardware]

Arcadian Audio Pnoe Speakers are 100-Watts of Ridiculousness: We had to make the Slash's picture tonight these speakers. Yes, those are speakers. And yes, they look like giant horns. Massive, even. According to the manufacturer, there's actually a reason they look like that: it apparently "creates the smoothest, roundest path for the sound wave front, without any obstructions, so that there are no sources of standing waves and spurious reflections." We'll just have to take their word for it, because we can't help but think that these speakers are going to be ridiculously expensive, to match that ridiculous amount of size. [via DVICE]

Destination Arcade? Just for the Summer, Thank You Very Much: Microsoft's Summer of Arcade is a big showcase of Arcade titles. And, apparently this year, it's also going to put something else in the limelight. Microsoft's new Destination Arcade, which is a new recommendation engine and browsing interface, and basically makes the Arcade and its seemingly endless amount of games actually fun to find. But, apparently Microsoft doesn't want us to actually enjoy it for any real amount of time, as they've now clarified that the new UI is only going to be for the Summer, before it will get pulled, and we'll have to go back to the Dark Ages. That makes us sad. [via Joystiq]