The Daily Slash: April 20th 2010

It's only Tuesday, and this week already feels like a rollercoaster. And it's probably not going to slow down any time soon. Either way, it gives us enough juice to get through the day, and we can't ask for anything more than that, now can we? In tonight's edition of the Daily Slash, we've got Seesmic adding some goodies to their Android app, a man's pinky getting stolen, and an expensive phone. And then in the dredge 'net, there's a camera that takes one for the team, the iPhone HD won't have a removable battery, either, and the App Store sees the cartoon light.The Best of R3 MediaSeesmic V1.3 Adds a Widget and Geotagging: There are a lot of Twitter applications available in the Android Marketplace. It's probably one of the most popular applications to develop. And, while there's a few good ones out there, Seesmic is one of the best. And, with its update to version 1.3, it gets even better. Now the application features a widget to add to your homescreen, geotagging your tweets, and the ability to pick the way you retweet the cool stuff. [via Android Community]Man's Pinky Stolen Along With iPad: Apparently, and we might be wrong, the iPad is a tablet that's in demand. Just ask two thugs who accosted a man leaving a Denver-based Apple Store after purchasing an iPad for a colleague. Yeah, it wasn't even his iPad! As he made it to the garage parking area, the two men grabbed the bag, which had its strings tied around his hand, and pulled the bag away from the purchaser's grip. Along with it? The skin off his pinky finger. [via Everything iPad]Ulysse Nardin Chairman is Too Expensive: But, we can't say that it doesn't feature a ton of awesome features. For example, it's rocking some version of Android, it's got a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, and it has an amazing 32GB of internal memory for good measure. Oh, and it features a kinetic power system, which can power your phone up to 30 days on standby, and provide up to 8 hours of talk time. It also features things like 22K gold, anodized aerospace aluminum alloy, and sapphire crystal. Still, $49,500 seems a bit steep. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetThe BeetleCam Gets Mauled by Lions for the Greater Good: We're not exactly sure what the greater good might be in this case, but we've got to say it. Either that, or we think that maybe the BeetleCam may just be a cool idea, wasted on wheels. The BeetleCam is designed to carry a Canon 400D DSLR into the places where walking just wouldn't be a good idea. You know, like next to male elephants, or a lion pride. Of course, lions (and elephants) don't like things racing towards them with lights flashing, so you won't be surprised to hear that the little robotic vehicle got mauled and dragged into the bushes. But, at least they got cool footage. And, of course, there's a next generation BeetleCam in the works. [via MAKE]iPhone HD Gets Dissected and You Still Can't Remove Battery: Yes, the iPhone HD got leaked, and a certain site managed to get their hands on it and have their way with it. And, while that's all well and interesting, one of the things to take home and write about is the fact that a small tab right next to the battery says "Authorized Service Providers Only." Which means that you won't be able to get the back off your iPhone HD and remove (and replace) your battery on your own. So, if that's something you were counting on, go ahead and check it off the list. [via Engadget]NewsToons Finally Allowed Into the App Store: The simple fact that Apple's iTunes Store is a closed system isn't a big secret to anyone. And, while their draconian acceptance rules seem to be thought up on the spot sometimes, we don't have much room to judge or point fingers. It is their environment, anyway. But, we've got to wonder why a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist like Mark Fiore was originally banned. Oh, but now it's available. The app is called NewsToons and you can download it right now, if that's something you're into. It is political satire and goofy comic strips about the latest political stories, so if you're in the mood for a laugh while on the go, this may be the perfect way to achieve it. [via App Advice]