The Daily Slash: April 16th 2010

Here we are at the end of the week, and don't you feel better for it? Thanks for sticking it out with us. In tonight's Daily Slash, we've got a nice mix of interesting stories, so we'll have to jump right into it. First up, in the Best of R3, we've got something like an official statement about Android 2.1 for Sprint; Steve Jobs has his own style of PR; and finally a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S heading to T-Mobile. And then in the dredge 'net, shrimp and glass may be the next best thing in medical; rollerblades are so yesterday; the XPERIA X10 can't do multitouch, but it's getting it anyway; and finally, Apple's getting sued.The Best of R3 MediaLeaked Internal Sprint Image Says Android 2.1 Coming in May: The wait for Android 2.1 has been long and arduous for pretty much anyone who doesn't have it, and we can understand that. Especially when leaks and rumors are popping up everywhere. This time around, it seems that an internal screenshot from Sprint points to an early May release for the Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. Early may probably means some time in the first two weeks of May, so that's not too far to wait. Besides, what's another month, right? [via Android Community]Steve Jobs Asks Potential Customer if They're Nuts: You read that right. Just before the launch of the iPad, Steve Jobs started answering query emails about the tablet, along with a few other key pieces of intel. This time around, an international customer by the name of Paul Shadwell was upset that the iPad was delayed, and thought that he had been lied to by the Cupertino-based company. So, he emailed Jobs and told him off. Steve jobs replied, and asked the man if he was nuts, and then kindly added that his company was doing the best they could. We have to admit: we like Steve Jobs' PR style. [via Everything iPad]Samsung T959 Has Samsung Galaxy S Features: The Bluetooth SIG process is another way that we can find out which phones are coming out in the coming months. It isn't an exact science, but it's a good step in the right direction. With a recent document being unearthed in the digital databanks, the Samsung SGH-T959 showed up, and rose some eyebrows. Most importantly, it's got features like Android 2.1, TouchWiz 3.0, and a 4-inch AMOLED display. Sound familiar? That's the Samsung Galaxy's S base features (except that the Galaxy S has a Super AMOLED, too). The general consensus is that the device is heading to T-Mobile USA, and that makes us think the Galaxy S could be seeing many more wireless carriers. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetShrimp Could Repair Spinal Injuries; Glass Heals Bones: A brand new report from the Journal of Experimental Biology details how the chitosan found in shrimp shells can be utilized to repair nerve damage. This discover has worked so far in guinea pigs, with the chitosan compound actually healing the tissue instead of breaking it down, as previous tests with other compounds have done in the past, thanks to the toxins which are formed from it breaking down. And then, in a separate report, other scientists have found that a glass matrix can be used to help regenerate bone. The bone will heal itself over time, and then the glass will break down on its own. [via CrunchGear]Chariot Skates Make Rollerblades Look Ridiculous: Mostly because these things are just about amazing, in how awesome they are. We want a pair right now, and we mean that in all honesty. And, according to the developer, Michael Jenkins, they are more comfortable, keep momentum longer, and can even be used in rough terrain better than traditional skates or rollerblades. But, it's not all roses. Unfortunately, the Chariot Skates are too expensive: about $10,900 too expensive. They're set to be released in August, though, so if you're interested in being the only person in Venice Beach with a pair, start pinching your pennies. [via DVICE]Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Will Get Multitouch: If you'll recall, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 wasn't supposed to get multitouch functionality. In fact, an SE spokesperson actually confirmed that it wasn't just a software thing, but that the hardware of the capacitive touchscreen didn't support the option at all. Well, apparently you can forget all that, because a latest news bit says that not only is the X10 getting Android 2.1 in September, but it's also getting multitouch. Consider us confused. The big question is: does anyone in the United States care? [via Cellphone-Reviews]Apple Being Sued for Triggered Moisture Sensors: If you've owned a cell phone, basically ever, then you probably know that there's a small sensor underneath the battery area that will react if you get it wet. It turns pink, in fact. The trouble with these things, is that cold weather, along with moisture, can trigger this sensor if it's in the atmosphere long enough. Nevertheless, phone manufacturers have turned down warranty exchanges all over the place due to those triggered moisture sensors, because water, obviously, isn't good for your phone. Apple, now, is being sued because Charlene Gallion "and others similarly situated" believes that this is wrong, due to the language in Apple's warranty policy. It's definitely interesting, and we'll have to wait and see who comes out on top. Place your bets now, folks. [via Apple Insider]