The Daily Slash: April 13th 2010

Tuesday is one of the days that, the moment it starts, you're wondering how fast it's going to end. After all, it's the day before Wednesday, and hopefully that means you're half way done with your work week. That's one of the reason we're so happy to bring you the Daily Slash, where we can let you wind down with the day's ending topics, so you can feel rejuvenated for your hump day challenges. As for what's on tonight's platter, which of course we focus on the Best of R3 first, is an Android-based handset that's coming direct from a wireless carrier, the latest and greatest when it comes to virtual desktops for your iPad, and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 gets reviewed. And then in the 'net, we've got new chips from Intel, an Iron Man 2 goodie that's great for all ages, a hoodie with a little bit of light, and finally one of the greatest looking eBooks we've ever seen. So let's not waste any more time, shall we?The Best of R3 MediaOrange Calls its First Android Phone Boston, We Approve: Android is an open source mobile Operating System, and it's specifically designed for anyone who wants to take a crack at it, to, well, take a crack at it. And with that in mind, take the Orange-branded Boston for what it's worth. It's not necessarily a low-end device, as it features a 3.2-inch 480x320 touchscreen, 600MHz processor, 5MP camera on the back, and it has 802.11 b/g WiFI. However, the real appalling feature is the fact that it's going to ship with Android 1.6. That just doesn't cut it in our books. [via Android Community]Citrix Receiver Brings a Virtual Windows Desktop to Your iPad: While we brought you a different kind of way to multitask last night, this method may be a far safer, and much more rational way to go about bringing multitasking to your iPad. With the Citrix Receiver iPad application, you connect that with the XenDesktop application you download to your Mac or PC, and have at it with the virtual goodness. You'll be able to utilize multiple applications running in the virtual PC, and what makes it all worth it, is the fact that the company created an iPad-like User Interface, so you still get that ease of use you're accustomed to, even if you are running Windows 7. [via Everything iPad]Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Gets Reviewed: Even if you can't go pick up your very own X10, with its Rachael User Interface, at least you can head over to SlashPhone and check out their in depth review of the handset. Much like every other cell phone (or gadget, for that matter), it's not going to be for everyone, but we know that someone out there will like the X10. With its Timescape and Mediascape applications, and the fact that the Rachael UI brings a whole new level of custom skinning to a mobile Operating System, the X10 certainly stands out. But, does it do it in a good way? Go read and find out. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetIntel Suggests Dual-Core Atom Chip is Coming to Netbooks: As it stands right now, most netbooks out there are running a single core Atom chip (if they're running an Atom chip at all, mind you), but it looks like Intel wants to change that, and soon. By the second quarter, Intel CEO Paul Otellini wants to have a dual-core Atom chip running in netbooks and other small form factors. And while the Atom chip may not be anything to write home about, at least not in its single core iteration, we're pretty confident that a dual-core chip could definitely be something to get excited about. [via CNET]Iron Man 2 Saves Your Data: Who better to store your data than Iron Man, right? That whole JARVIS system should do wonders for your spreadsheets and word documents. If you're a fan of the Iron Man movie franchise, and you want to see the new movie, maybe you should show your excitement by picking up this USB drive. It comes in a 4GB capacity, and it will cost you $39.50, so we're assuming you're paying a little bit of overhead due to the fact it's Iron Man related. But hey, it's cute, right? [via Chip Chick]The Skôn is a Hoodie With a Light: Skôn means nice, in Swedish and Dutch, and we're pretty sure that title fits this piece of tech really well. You have what looks to be a normal hoodie, but then bam, there's a light that outlines the hood. There's a knitted variable resistor within the fabric of the hood, so the more you play with it, the brighter the light will become. So, if you find yourself in a dark tunnel, the more you nervously knead the rim of your hood, the brighter your path will be lit. [via Yanko Design]Alice eBook Makes All Other eBooks Want to be More: While the iBooks application brings a sense of realism to reading your electronic book, with that whole slow page turning and what not, just watching this video demonstration of this Alice in Wonderland eBook blows our minds. It's so interactive, with its pop-up 2.0 features, that we can't wait to get our hands on it. And, in point of fact, we really can't wait to see what comes next. Just watch the video and see how you can literally interact with the story, and make certain set pieces within each page move, or shake, or tumble around. We can see how this will make millions of kids out there want to read. [via The Daily What]