The Daily Slash: April 12th 2010

Today, April 12th, was Microsoft's day to shine (even if the weather wasn't helping), but we'll go ahead and leave the results of that process up to you. The Kin One and Kin Two are definitely interesting devices, but we've definitely got to wait and see how the general public feels about it. As for the end of this beautiful Monday, welcome to the Daily Slash. Tonight, in the Best of R3, we've got a red phone that just may slide into your pocket, the ability to multitask granted to an iPad, and a little Apple news that may disappoint. And then caught up in the 'net, we've got Korean underage kids being cut off from their video games; proof (kind of) of a Verizon Wireless iPhone; and finally an affordable Hackintosh tablet.The Best of R3 MediaRed MyTouch Slide Shows Off for Camera: It looks like the SideKick line of handsets is definitely getting the boot, considering the MyTouch Slide is rumored to officially end the line of handsets for the T-Mobile ranks as soon as it launches. And then let's not forget the fact the Kin One and Kin Two exist now. In any event, the red version of the new MyTouch devices is scheduled to launch some time in the near future, and we recently caught a glimpse of the handset. Red may not be for everyone, but it definitely suits the Slide, in our opinion. [via Android Community]Windows 95 Brings Multitasking to the iPad: Despite the fact that the iPad is set to get upgraded to iPhone OS 4.0 later this year, we understand that people don't like to wait for good things. And, when you've got a tablet, multitasking is considered one of those good things. So, if you've got your fancy new iPad and want to surf the Web, and do other things while you surf the Web, then you need to add Windows 95. Yep, run this emulator and you get all the goodness that 95 can bring to the table. Or tablet. However you want to put it. [via Everything iPad]Apple Axes Support for Original iPhone: So, all of you out there with the original iPhone, whether you be unlocked or still rocking the original hardware on AT&T, it looks like you may want to start thinking about upgrading (to the iPhone 3GS, at least), because Apple has officially put the kabosh on any future upgrades to the original iPhone. Apparently the handset just lacks the physical parameters necessary to run the upgraded Operating System, which means the user experience would be degraded if Apple were to implement the new changes. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetGaming Addiction Leads to Korean Government Moderating Usage: We know that playing video games, or computer games for that matter, can be pretty addicting. And we'd definitely agree that if you're playing at four AM on a school night, you'd probably qualify as being addicted to said video games. Well, the Korean government is tired of it, and they're imposing a curfew on games. And, that's South Korea, if you're wondering. Underage kids will be able to choose when their cut-off point starts: midnight to 6AM; 1AM to 7AM; or 2AM to 8AM. So, at least they've got options? [via CNET]Flurry Analytics Says a Verizon iPhone Exists: And, oddly enough, there's a few of them running around out there in the wild, doing stuff. At least, that's what we're lead to believe in the screenshot of a recent analytics poll. The poll that this is connected to is tied to a specific application that is being tested on different carriers, and Verizon Wireless is definitely labeled at the bottom of the graphic. We're not surprised to see that 0.2% is a number associated with that combination, but we are surprised to see that it comes up at all. Does this mean it's definitely coming? No. But, hey, it's another sign, right? [via Engadget]Illinois-Based Company Says Hackintosh Tablet a Possibility: Yes, we want a PC with OS X. It's something we've ached for for quite some time. No, we can't tell you why, because we really don't know. But, we're definitely interested to hear that Axon Logic has created a tablet, supposedly, that's ready to add some good ol' OS X to the mixture. That includes a Core 2 Duo processor under the hood, along with 3 USB ports and a webcam. Sounds like a winner to us. Supposedly you'll be able to get your hands on one in the next few months, but . . . Well, we'll remain positive, just because we want one. But that's it. [via CrunchGear]