The Daily gets official: iPad app for “true news discovery”

Chris Davies - Feb 2, 2011, 10:16 am CST
The Daily gets official: iPad app for “true news discovery”

News Corp has officially announced The Daily, an iPad digital newspaper that promises “true news discovery.” The app will be published 365 days a year, and include over 100 pages of news, lifestyle, entertainment, opinion and sports content together with original videos, 360-degree photos, infographics and more, all for just 14 cents per day

According to CEO Rupert Murdoch, since there’s “no paper, no multi-million dollar processes, no trucks, we’re passing on those savings to the reader.” As well as app versions there will be web-friendly versions of articles that can be easily shared via email, Twitter, Facebook and other routes; it’ll also be possible to save issues for later reading.

The app can pull in Twitter feeds, to fit into the articles, and be updated dynamically through the day should breaking content arrive; an integrated browser can show webpages without throwing readers out of the app, and you can choose which are your favorite sports teams and see custom results from them. There’s also a games and apps section, with reviews and app showcases that links directly into the App Store. News Corp has also employed some professional voiceover artists to read out key articles.

The Daily is available for download from the App Store for the iPad here. Subscriptions will be priced at $0.99 per week or $39.99 for a year’s worth of content; the first two weeks will be free, thanks to a Verizon promotion. News Corp promises versions of the app for other tablets in the future.

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