The CW reveals new Batwoman star with redesigned suit

Back in May, The CW made the surprise announcement that Ruby Rose, the leading star in its new Batwoman series, was exiting the show after one season. The company made the decision to keep the show alive, stating that it would replace the actress with a new lead to pick things up in the second season — and now, months later, we've gotten a look at the new Batwoman.

It remains unclear why Rose left her role in the new series, though speculation and leaks pegged the actress herself as the reason for the exit. A month after The CW confirmed that it would find a new actress for the role, we learned how things will proceed — the creative team will simply erase Kate Kane, the character played by Rose.

Last month, we learned that actress Javicia Leslie will play Ryan Wilder, the new Batwoman, and that she would be given a redesigned suit. Two images of Leslie wearing this redesigned suit were published on the show's official Twitter account today, giving fans their first look the entirely new Batwoman and what will essentially be the restart of the show with season 2.

The suit's boots have been clipped, the forearms are adorned with red gauntlets, and, of course, Leslie's cowl is wild and curly, adding a dramatic flair to the stylish suit. Based on the two new images, the redesigned suit appears to "pop" a bit more than the one we saw with Ruby and it will likely look better in the show's darker ambient scenes.

Character Ryan Wilder will be the first black Batwoman, marking a milestone for the DC universe. According to Deadline, the character Kate Kane from season one will disappear and the new Batwoman will finally make her appearance in the new suit in season two, episode three. It's unclear when Batwoman season two will premiere on The CW.