The Cutebug laptop cases: something else to look forward to this summer

For me there are very few laptop cases that can even draw my attention, much less make me want to actually purchase one. Yes, they are necessary, but not many are that cool. Most look like some creepy purse my Grandma would carry. However, these CuteBug bags definitely add some fun to the lucrative product.

Mobile Edge and designer Maddie Powers teamed up to create this line of retro laptop cases. They not only created a line of bags for the girls but one for the guys as well. I took a look at the men's line and I wasn't really impressed. The women's I love though. If you enjoy all that is vintage you should check out Maddie Powers' line, it's pricey but worth it if you have the cash for it.

These bags aren't up for sale yet, they will be released to stores the summer of 2007. Until then, we'll just have to drool over the photos instead.

Get the Cutebug with these retro laptop cases [via shinyshiny]