The Cup Noodles Timer

Abby McVay - Jan 8, 2008

All of us have been at that point in life when we are stuck eating Ramen or Cup of Noodles. Whether in college or just when money is a bit tight, sometimes the need pops up for the slightly cheaper alternative. I still eat it as a snack from time to time, even though I’m not quite broke enough to be forced to live off of them.

At one point I had cabinets full of Ramen, I am so happy to be able to eat some of the more sophisticated foods, like peanut butter and jelly. Oddly enough someone has decided to make a timer to go with the Cup of Noodles. Apparently they don’t realize the whole reason people buy Cup of Noodles is because they are incredibly broke.

However, the Cup Noodles Timer isn’t being sold for too much, at $11.99. Just set the cup on the timer after you’ve poured the boiling water into it and set the timer for 3 minutes. Once it’s done it will go off, saving you from noodles that aren’t quite done yet.

Cup Noodle Timer – save time, save money…and hey buy your own…
[via redferret]

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