The Crystal-Encrusted Toaster - expensive way to toast bread

For those with expensive tastes when it comes to kitchen gadgets, you'll love this Crystal-Encrusted Toaster from Neiman Marcus. I have on occasion looked at a $50 vintage style toaster and drooled a bit, knowing I have a perfectly good toaster at home.

However, now I feel a little less prissy since apparently someone saw fit to create this expensive little number. The toaster created by Russell Hobbs is made of glass and stainless steel and encrusted with more than 200 Swarvoski crystals. Which leaves me to wonder. Why?! Seriously people, it's toast.

It, as with all toasters, has a dial to decide how brown and crispy you want your bread. However, despite the price, it still pops out normal, boring, plain toast. If you can't seem to resist that whole shiny factor, the toaster will set you back $300.

[via chipchick]