The Counterforce protestors target Google automated car engineer at his home

Shane McGlaun - Jan 23, 2014
The Counterforce protestors target Google automated car engineer at his home

Google is working with a number of universities, researchers, engineers, and automotive manufacturers to bring the future to drivers around the world. Google is one of the biggest names in the autonomous car realm and has a fleet of vehicles on the roads around the country that can drive to a location with no input from drivers. Most see this is a good thing since autonomous vehicles can help the elderly or physically impaired be independent and reduce accidents on the roads.

One group of protestors doesn’t see autonomous cars and the efforts at Google to be a good thing. A group of protesters known as The Counterforce recently protested outside the Berkley, California home of a Google engineer working on the autonomous vehicle project for the web giant. The engineer is Anthony Levandowski.

Levandowski works for Google X, the secretive lab division of Google that works on all sorts of high tech projects. The protestors reportedly surrounded the engineer’s home and picketed with banners. The man was able to leave his home according to reports. After he left, the protestors handed out leaflets around his neighborhood.

The leaflets reportedly identified where Levandowski lived and his involvement with the autonomous car project. The leaflets accuse the engineer of helping being evil into the world. One of the man’s neighbors said that the protesters crossed a line by setting up at his home and called the protest stalking.


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