The coolest comic you’ve seen yet is currently on Kickstarter

Nate Swanner - Jul 14, 2014
The coolest comic you’ve seen yet is currently on Kickstarter

Sometimes, the best part of a comic or graphic novel is seeing them come to life on the movie or TV screen. Actually getting an idea of what might have been the purpose of the printed page is fun, and one Kickstarter aims to bridge the gap. Combining the hand-drawn image with an app makes for a very intriguing concept.

Modern Polaxis is a comic book and an app. We know, a touch confusing, but the balance imagined with the project is brilliant. A drawn comic gives a foundation for the app, which comic book fans can use to scroll over the page using the camera, finding new detail and animation. Rather than mull around in your own mind what the author was getting at with an illustration, you might end up getting a richer experience.

The Kickstarter campaign takes you inside the world of a paranoid time traveller who believes our world is simply a projection from another planet. The conspiracy theory/augmented reality angles are perfect to kick this off, but there are no limits to this idea. Hidden text, warped colors, even movement within a panel to highlight an action — all done via your iOS device and camera.

For as little as $20, you can get a PDF copy of the comic, which will even work if you open it on your device. The concept may be limited to this comic/artwork and app, but there is a world of possibility here. Comics can either rely on technology to tell the story, as it does with Polaxis, or just serve as an added layer, helping the user realize the artist’s vision, complete with audio. Feel free to download the beta version of the app and roll it over the image above to get the full effect.

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